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"This labor of love was done with the help of a Panasonic Digital Filmmaker's grant," says producer Steve Loh, "and the hard work of a few inspired USC film school alumni who, after toiling for many years developing their separate crafts and professional lives within this industry, just knew, deep within, that working together on something that meant something... actually means something. We always spoke passionately of the kinds of films that needed to be made -- not just business -- so we set out, planned, recruited, labored, and, in my humble but passionate opinion, did it."

Adds writer/director Patrick Hogan, "We met some amazing folks along the way, all of whom joined on because they loved the script and wanted to contribute. People like associate producer Curtis Porterfield, who first suggested Julie Hagerty for the role of Kristina."

Hearing just the title, "It's a documentary, right? Like Hoop Dreams, following two inner-city boys on their 10 year quest of fulfilling their dream to become the Pope?" Not quite. "Oh, then, it's a religious movie about the Pope?" No. Hogan explains, "The title is a play on the old phrase 'pipe dream.' It best encapsulates the coming of age nature of the main character." Watch it. You'll understand.

Pope John Paul II appears in the form of a decorative China plate on the wall. "We knew before we started shooting that his health was fragile," says producer Loh, "but our only choice was to proceed with shooting. After he passed away, we had to figure out a way to address it. Cut out Pope John Paul? Keep PJP and add the new Pope somehow? With only minor reshooting and some post-production tweaks, I think we successfully dealt with it."

Director Hogan: "We very carefully wove the sounds of real indie bands into the film. Like Garden State, Pope Dreams just wouldn't be the same without the atmosphere and emotions of youth that are expressed by and melded with the poignant music of these artists, who we found by combing through the indie scenes in LA and NY. Keep your ears out for these folks."